10 Tips For the Mentally Weak

Make yourself powerful, that is the first tip for the mentally weak. It should end there, but if you need more tips, I will give them to you, but that is the first tip for all who want to discard mental weakness: Make yourself more powerful in increments until you reach where you want to reach. It takes patience, understanding and tolerance with yourself to grow from where you are though. In fact “tolerance of yourself” combined with “patience with yourself” is the second tip in this article, and will be embedded throughout the article to help you develop strength, the inner strength that is needed to develop your capacity for mental and spiritual strength. jeddahvape

In my opinion and in my reality, mental and spiritual strength are genuinely one. If they were not, I could not give this third tip: Develop your total concentration ability. That is key if you want to fully and succinctly practice the first two tips especially well. So, that brings me to tip number four: Be vigilant.

What I mean exactly by vigilance is not the accepted meaning of vigilance, however. I do mean be totally attentive in all things and situations, also taking nothing for granted. There is nothing current human civilization is more guilty of than taking too much for granted. Pay more attention to the good, and dismiss more of the bad instead of being “shocked” by the bad. sob-bau

So, with that said, here is the fifth tip: Develop yourself actively and attentively. Without development of yourself, none of the other tips here can be used and growth can not at all be attained.

So, in this sixth tip, it may be hard, but it has to be done if you want to progress at all, and that tip is: Be honest with yourself without flinching. Fearing honesty, especially honesty with yourself is a form of discouragement and quitting. Doing what needs and wants to be done in this area is the most powerful thing you can do.

The seventh tip is as a matter of fact, one of the best things when practicing honesty with yourself: It is making sense to yourself or be congruent. Without making sense to yourself at the very least, nothing can be done at all. As you can tell, my advice is becoming more vital and basic to mental and spiritual strength as I go along with this article, and it should, for indeed, mental weakness is the ultimate undesirable and dishonest state of mind and spirit that is not integrated that there is. odozapato

So, on to tip number eight: Keep yourself integrated and never get discouraged even if there is cause to get discouraged. Oh, this is an advanced tip, I am sure, but if you practiced the rest of the tips successfully, this one should be relatively easy to practice as a whole, so if you are prepared for consistent practice and not discouraged, go on to tip number nine:

Be creative in practicing all of the foregoing tips, and adapt them to yourself. Obviously, the tips can be used with any character, but work with them in ways that harmonize with your mind, character and spirit, or they will be worth nothing to you but “pretty words”. You must work with the tips in the way that harmonize with you. rtp500

Tip number ten which will consist of: The most powerful thing you can do is to use your own thinking productively. The mind is like a muscle that needs use like the arm of a blacksmith that gets stronger through use. Use your mind powerfully and productively well, and you will get mentally stronger. Thought is spiritual energy, so you will ultimately get spiritually stronger if you grow enough into it


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