Choosing a Multi-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office / Business / Enterprise Applications

If you have been tasked with looking into options for boosting cell phone reception at your company or business you have probably found this to be a daunting task. First, you have more than likely been given a budget that is too low or next to nothing. This is because the market has been flooded with so many low-end consumer cell phone boosters that anyone can pick up at a local electronics store for under $300, link building services that many people really have no idea what it takes to boost cell phone coverage for an entire building. Second, to work within that budget you will probably have to make some tough decisions. Do I just try to cover Verizon and AT&T? What about Sprint and T-Mobile? Do we need 4G LTE coverage as well, or just voice and 3G? Third, you have probably asked yourself “Is this something we can do ourselves or do we need to hire an engineer to design a system and an outside contractor to install it?” Well, my friend, you have stumbled onto an article that is about to make your job a million times easier.

Introducing the 2014 FCC Approved SureCall Force5 5-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit, which can boost the 3G and 4G cellular signals for all major North American carriers up to 25,000 sq. ft. indoors. The original design, the CM5000-80, was released in the Summer of 2012 and could cover multiple carriers up to 80,000 sq. ft. (with a high outdoor signal or proper signal distribution) However, because of all of the new FCC regulations regarding cell phone signal boosters, the new version will only cover a fraction of that. The original design is still available, but it can only be purchased and installed if you are given express permission by your carrier(s) (approvals have been very low from what I am told by my sources) and it must be professionally installed and configured. information technology service provider

Although there are many downsides to the FCC getting involved in the consumer signal booster industry, the main benefits are the ease of installation and peace of mind knowing that there is no way for them to interfere with carrier networks. All new 2014 consumer signal boosters must be sold as a kit, meaning that you don’t have to be an engineer to design a system to cover your building and they can be installed by anyone. The obvious main downside is the limited coverage area of a single system. However, multiple systems may be installed in the same building for spot coverage and because all new boosters are designed to shut off in the case of an interference problem, there is no risk to the carrier network. Simply move the antennas that may be interfering with each other from separate systems and all is well. Alfao

So how do I know if the SureCall Force5 Cell Phone Signal Booster is the right one for my company? If your business is up to 25,000 sq.ft. and you constantly have employees dropping important cell phone calls or complaining about their poor data speeds but have a relatively decent outside signal, the Force5 is for you. The Force5 will support up to 100 simultaneous users and is carrier agnostic, meaning it will work for all major carriers and their voice and data technologies. No need to purchase multiple proprietary solutions from the individual carriers, the Force 5 covers them all, and without subscriptions, service fees, limited coverage radii, or internet bandwidth usage associated with the carrier specific solutions. SureCall even has a number of versions of the Force5 kit to make customization even easier for your existing cell environment and building layout. The main versions of the kit feature omni/dome, omni/panel, yagi/dome, yagi/panel for the outdoor/indoor antenna combinations. In addition, the kits can be purchased with 1 or 3 additional indoor antennas to maximize the indoor coverage area. Cellboost

While it is still recommended that you contact a dealer that specializes in commercial cell phone signal booster systems to help with the design and layout of the antennas, the installation can be done by your IT staff or in-building facilities crew with a few pointers. Not having to hire a separate company to complete the installation will save you thousands.

Speaking of saving money, the SureCall Force5 kit is only $3,500, making this comparable to a small distributed antenna system (DAS) at a fraction of the cost. So, to sum this up, if you’ve been put in charge of finding an affordable cell phone boosting solution for your office or company and are looking to cover as many cell phone carriers and technologies as possible without breaking the bank, you can’t go wrong with the SureCall Force5.


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