5 Excuses That Stop People From Getting Important Joint Replacement Surgery

Many people need hip replacement surgery, hip resurfacing surgery, or knee replacement surgery and they know it. Their doctor has diagnosed the need for orthopedic surgery; they’ve researched their options but they just aren’t doing anything about it. They’re scared, unsure of what to expect, possibly under-insured or not insured at all and unable to afford it – or so they think.

Here are 5 excuses that are preventing people from getting much needed joint replacement surgery and getting their lives back:

Excuse 1: My doctor is always right and he said I didn’t need a knee replacement, even though I have a hard time walking and my flexibility is no longer what it was. I just don’t have the time to deal with getting a second opinion.

There are many reasons and factors that make up a doctors’ opinion, including diagnostic test results, levels of pain, your insurance status, etc. but there’s no reason not to get a second opinion. In fact, there are places online that let you ask a doctor his opinion and even evaluate your needs. They are free and carry no obligation and are performed by highly-trained specialists – not some Internet call center staffed with inexperienced and uneducated folks. Get a second opinion! top surgery

Excuse 2: If I postpone surgery I can probably find some alternative health option that won’t involve a costly operation.

Sure, there are alternative methods of controlling the pain, such as stretching exercises like Yoga and treatments such as acupuncture. These are great ways of providing improved flexibility and minimizing the pain, but they are not going to allow you the same way of life you once had, and they are not going to completely rid you of the pain. If you need a hip or knee replacement surgery, then that’s what you need.

Did I mention that there’s financial assistance available?

Excuse 4: Overseas medical or health tourism is scary!

There are destinations that can be out of the comfort zone for many American travelers – not just those seeking safe, quality surgical care. New Zealand, however, is a destination that many travelers put on their top 5 lists of places to see, and to experience it along with getting the surgery you need is simply a double-benefit. The hospital facilities are top-notch. The doctors and specialists are all highly trained. It’s considered one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world, and the joint replacement surgery is affordable. What more could you want?


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