Top 5 Tattoo Designs For a Women

Since I am very active in the tattoo world I get many questions in general about tattoos. The most recent question I received was what are the most popular tattoos and more specifically for women.

I did not know off the top of my head but I did some research on forums and blogs and compiled a list of the top 5 tattoos for women. I was quite shocked at what the numbers showed.

Here are a list of the top 5 tattoos for women based off of my extensive research.

1. Flowers: As expected the flower or floral tattoo is seemed to be the most popular tattoo for a women. I personally think these designs are boring unless you find a site or artist to put a unique twist on the design. The “rose” was by far the most popular type of flower tattoo with a daisy and coming in second.

2. Moon, Stars and Sun: It seems that the second most popular design for a woman was anything dealing with the solar system. Stars of the foot to represent the number of children you have, lost friends or to track traditions was pretty common but the half moon and half sun on the lower back or calf was the most tattoo’ed. Suns with a funny face or a moon with tears were also very prominent in our research.

3. Tribal Bands or Designs: This is what shocked me the most. I would have never figured that tribal tattoos were popular amongst females but they really are. There were a lot of women that had tribal designs on the back and pelvic area. The most common reason they got this type of ink done? Not because of the meaning but because the designs “looked cool”. You wonder how many women are running around with a tattoo that means “death” or “tramp of the tribe”. Make sure if you do get one of these designs you find out what it means first! india forums

4. Names: Names of children, deceased family members or a spouse was the fourth most popular tattoo on women. We asked and 95% of women said they WOULD get a name of a child or past loved one (death) and 56% of women who had a tattoo of a boyfriend/husband’s name said they would NOT do this again.

5. Portrait of Pet or Family Member: This was the other shocker for me. A lot of women have tattoos of their pet (cat, dog, horse) or of child. What we found more shocking was that if a woman has more than 1 tattoo the chances or a portrait tattoo are almost tripled!

What did not make the top 5 but are still very popular are tattoos of butterflies, dolphins and zodiac signs.

We hope that you have much success in finding your next tattoo online and remember to always research the meaning of tattoos before you get them!

I am here to make things really easy for you however. There are close to 700 tattoo membership’s site out there but we know the top 3. How? Because I have access to a site that lets me know stats such as users, return rates and consumer ratings. So my wife and I made a blog of the top 3 tattoo sites out there. We did a male and female section since some are more geared toward women and vice versa.

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