Business Webinar Promotions Will Boost Your Sales

A business webinar is one of the most effective ways to make money online, sokaworld bar-none. The absolute best conversion tool is webinars. A mail shot may convert at 3%, or a bit more if you are lucky. However, hosting webinars generally converts at more than 30% and never less than 10%. Imagine that. Getting a hundred people on a call or five hundred people on a call, and converting at never less than 10%. kinmagazine

Let me give you a little proof that business webinars do indeed work and work very, very well. I promote my own products through webinars. My first product that I promoted with a webinar sold over $16,200 in the first two or three days. Then I did a follow up after that first webinar, meaning I just sent out some postcard, direct mails, some phone calls, and I pulled in another $16,800. These are monthly webinars that I had after the initial launch. This was in addition to the $50,000 I made in the first week. businesschamp

Then I went to different joint venture partners and presented that exact same webinar to their lists. With the same exact business webinar, I was able to make an additional $142,400 over the last five months. However, I hasten to tell you, I am not that smart. I used the same webinar and was able to generate these results. I really believe that if I can do this, then anyone can replicate what I am doing with similar results. businesssalt

Webinars work like a champ. You may be thinking, well that’s great for you Steve; you have a product that sells well. Not only do I use business webinar promotions for my own products, I promote other peoples products through webinars. I recently promoted a product of a joint venture partner and together we sold over $11,000 on one webinar. When I mention these numbers, I am referring to a 2 day period that starts with a webinar and ends 2 days later. So I have not only had success with webinars with my products; they work with everybody else’s products too. For more info please visit these sites:-

Although making money with business webinars is great, the freedom that they give me is my primary motivation for doing webinars. Business webinar promotions have allowed me to travel all over the world. They have allowed me to make an incredible income from relatively little time spent. They have allowed me to spend time with my friends that are some of the best internet marketers in the world. So my motivation for doing webinars is the freedom, and the influence that webinars give me.


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