The Apple iPhone Not as Successful it Seems

Apple has reduced the price of its iPhone by $200 barely two months after the launch. Of course, for those who have used Apple products before the iPod and Parallels, this is vintage Apple behaviour.

Sure, two months is a bit quick, but generally Apple tends to lower its prices within six or so months of the launch price. What is quite rare is that Apple have backed down and offered a $100 voucher after a fair amount of customer outrage. Of course what that means is that the customers will end up spending that $100 in the Apple stores. techpiled

The price reductions for gadgets seem to be happening much quicker than before. Just check the digital camera prices now from what they were twelve months ago. Huge drop in pricing and in some cases cameras cost almost half of what they did a year or so ago.

Even more specialised tech equipment is getting cheaper. External hard drives are a fraction of what they were say five years ago and as for data projectors which were the height of exclusive office equipment, these may be bought at a fraction of the price. Fair enough their market size has grown in popularity and has expanded to include home theaters.

How many retail customers get up in arms when their favourite leather jacket that they scrimped and saved for and bought at full price suddenly appears on a sale. They might feel slightly peeved, but they understand this is how it works and they grin and bear it while digging in the sales piles for other bargains. They are not going to grumble about ;their love affair with Apple (replace Apple with any retail outlet name) being over’ as some customer wrote on the Unofficial Apple Weblog site. realisticmag

I would be more inclined to say that Jobs and Apple have decreased the price of the iPhone to sell more. Although the uptake was dramatic during the launch days and many Apple shops sold out over the week-end, Apple has not trumpeted numbers of units sold. This only means that the numbers are not worth making a lot of noise about. Apple and Jobs are not the reserved types, they would have made a noise.

What went wrong with the iPhone then? Most of the people who bought one tend to be really happy with their phones and love using them. Is this a case of the phone appealing to early adopters rather than to the average shopper who goes for everyday objects bought by all? Possibly it could also be the fact that the Geeks who would love the iPhone’s features are not actually in the money bracket to be able to take out contracts.

Then furthermore, out of Apple’s control, many customers seem to have had problems with AT & T the compulsory service provider. AT & T didn’t seem that popular with mobile phone users in the first instance. Could it because their service is bad? As an aside, reports have told of new customers receiving boxes of invoices. Forests were cut down for AT & T’s monthly statements.

It will make a great marketing study eventually. One thing is for sure though, Apple continues to win with the iPod. It’s annual upgrade of the iPod is great and will appeal to the young folk. And for us older ones, we love getting our kids’ casts off. Well I do anyway. Although I really like my little shuffle. Just fine for me.

I don’t need a bright pink Nano. But am fairly certain that it will be handed down to me soon! And I am looking forward to the phone I will inherit once the iPhone reaches UK shores. What a bonus that it will be so much cheaper. Could even be that we get two. After all Apple has a ‘only two per customer’ policy. For more Info please visit these sites:-

Anja Merret lives in Brighton, UK, having moved across from South Africa just over a year ago.

She now looks after the business interests of her daughter who is a Flash Developer and Accessibility expert. She started a blog at the beginning of the year under the heading of chatting to my generation. Although she is chatting to the baby boomer generation, she sometimes feels that all generations have the same issues to face, they just don’t have hearing aids or walking sticks!


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